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Artificial intelligence for Cybersecurity: the newest service of Intecracy Group companies

Artificial intelligence for Cybersecurity: the newest service of Intecracy Group companies

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of cybersecurity is one of the most promising directions in modern technologies. With the help of machine learning algorithms and other AI methods, companies can significantly improve the effectiveness of detecting and preventing cyberattacks. During the presentation of Intecracy Group services in 2024, the company's leading partner Mykhailo Vihovskyi and IT expert, director of IQusion Company Serhii Balashuk told about this.

They noted that AI enables the analysis of large data sets to detect anomalies and potential threats that were previously unavailable to conventional methods. This includes the detection of malicious programs, phishing attacks, as well as ensuring the general security of information systems. In addition, AI can be used to automate routine tasks, freeing up specialist time for more complex tasks.

The use of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity not only increases the effectiveness of protection, but also allows for a more flexible response to changing challenges in the digital world. As Serhii Balashuk noted: «Artificial intelligence provides not only advanced threat detection, but also allows us to predict and prevent potential attacks in the future.»

Mykhailo Vihovsky emphasized: «The integration of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity is not just a trend, it is a necessity to ensure reliable protection in the era of digital technologies.»

Thus, the use of AI in cybersecurity plays a key role in protecting information systems from current and potential future threats. This not only increases the effectiveness of protection, but also opens up new opportunities for proactive cybersecurity management. The importance of this integration is confirmed by the words of the experts, with which the article ends. Serhii Balashuk notes: «Thanks to AI, we are moving from a reactive to a preventive approach in cybersecurity,» and Mykhailo Vihovskyi adds: «AI not only strengthens our ability to fight cyber threats, but is also a catalyst for the development of new strategies in this area.»

What Integrity Group offers

The Sl Global Service company, which is part of the Intecracy Group IT association, offers the service «Cybersecurity Testing with the help of artificial intelligence». Thanks to the use of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, Sl Global Service performs a deep analysis of the security of customer systems, revealing weak points and potential vulnerabilities. AI allows not only to effectively detect known types of attacks, but also to predict and detect new, previously unknown threats.

The main advantages of this service include:

  • Proactive threat detection: Thanks to AI's ability to analyze large volumes of data, the service ensures that potential threats are detected long before they can cause harm.
  • Adaptability to new challenges: AI is constantly learning and adapting, allowing it to effectively respond to changes in cybercriminal tactics.
  • Reduction of false positives: The accuracy of AI algorithms helps to reduce the number of false positives, which ensures more efficient management of security resources.
  • Saving time and resources: Automating the process of cybersecurity testing reduces the burden on specialists and allows them to focus on more complex tasks.
  • Integrated approach: The service integrates with other cybersecurity measures, creating a multi-layered protection system.

The new service from Sl Global Service is an innovative solution that allows you to increase the level of security of information systems, adapt to the changing landscape of cyber threats and provide effective protection against potential attacks.

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