Mykhailo Vygovskyi

Mykhailo Vihovskyi is a Ukrainian financial and IT expert who has repeatedly acted as an advisor in the process of attracting local and international investments in startups; participated in the process of project development — from the foundation stage to the stage of self-sufficiency and profitability of the company; accompanied the M&A processes of both Ukrainian and foreign companies. Mykhailo Vihovskyi has two higher educations — law and finance, and also has a high level of competence in IT business. He is currently a co-owner and member of the Supervisory Board of Intecracy Group. Actively works with Western partners to promote Ukrainian software on the markets of Europe and North America.

Міжнародний альянс компаній, що працюють у галузі інформаційно-комунікаційних технологій.


Ми надаємо ІТК-послуги нового покоління. Зокрема це розробка індивідуальних програмних рішень, послуги аутсорсингу ІКТ, а також консультації з інформаційних технологій.