Software Testing

In the realm of software development and IT services, the quality of the final product is paramount. Intecracy Group understands this imperative and offers a comprehensive suite of Quality Assurance (QA) services. These services are not just about finding and fixing bugs; they're about ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability, adhering to ISO 9001:2008 standards and Level 4 of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI).

A Comprehensive QA Framework


Adherence to ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2008 is a widely recognized international standard for quality management. Intecracy Group’s commitment to these standards ensures a consistent level of quality in all their processes and outputs.

CMMI Level 4 Compliance

At Level 4 of CMMI, Intecracy Group demonstrates a mature and quantitatively managed approach. This means their processes are well-defined, measured, and controlled, leading to predictable and high-quality outcomes.

Thorough Testing Procedures

The QA services encompass a wide range of testing methods, including functional, performance, usability, and security testing, to ensure that all aspects of a software product meet the highest standards.



The Intecracy Group Advantage

Expert Team

Intecracy Group’s team of QA experts is well-versed in the latest testing methodologies and tools, ensuring a thorough and effective QA process

Customized Solutions

Understanding that each project has unique requirements, Intecracy Group tailors its QA services to meet the specific needs of each client

Continuous Improvement

The QA process is not static; it involves continuous monitoring and improvement, ensuring that the quality standards evolve with changing technologies and market demands

End-to-End Quality Assurance

From the initial stages of development to post-deployment support, Intecracy Group ensures quality at every step of the software lifecycle


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