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One of Intecracy Group’s main activities is software development. Our portfolio contains approximately 1500 completed projects. We develop systems to manage relationship with customers, plan enterprise resources, manage human resources, control document flows, and automate business processes. In regard to software development we can provide 3 distinct types of services - Task Outsourcing, Outsourcing, and Out-staffing (provision of human resources to the customer).

Task Outsourcing

Let’s say that your accounting department lacks efficiency, the documents are getting lost and the accounting is not meeting acceptable standards. This is an example of when Task Outsourcing is a perfect solution. Task Outsourcing is helpful when you have just a general idea of the business process you want to improve, or you only know the result you want to achieve, however do not know how to accomplish it. In this case we do the research and development, analytical work and anything else required to achieve desired results and implement your idea.


Outsourcing services help when the project scope is clear, tasks are defined and a concept has already developed into a specification. In this case it is only left for us to clarify your remaining requirements, estimate the work and form a team. By outsourcing the work you get the project done and the application or system tested and deployed. With outsourcing services you can be supported at any stage of your project.


"Rent a specialist" is another name for this service. It is helpful when you have your own team but need to enhance it by including more experienced specialists. From a business point of view, you are simply extending your own team with specialists tailored to your requirements. However, the team/specialist works in a cost-efficient location and infrastructure support is also provided if needed.

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