Your first step with
Intecracy Lab

Intecracy Lab

Intecracy Lab is a startup accelerator that supports Intecracy staff members’ startup ideas technologically and financially. Our aim is to breathe life into the ideas of our team members, thus technologically contributing to the development of Ukraine.

How does
it work?

You have a general idea or a concept

We discuss and evaluate it with you

Your startup gets support

What do startups get
with Intecracy Lab?

Intecracy Lab unites startup entreprenuers - people with the same fiery eyes and creative brain. Here You can meet people dealling with the same challenges as you, and it’s helpful to share ideas and experiences.

Intecracy Lab unites startups, meaning people with the same fiery eyes and creative brain as you. You will meet here people going through the same challenges as you and it will be helpful.

You will not need to look for investors. We will be your investor and take the same interest in an idea as you do, assuring the success of your startup

Whatever has already been developed by us, the products, experiences, and solutions, will be at your disposal here.

If you already have your own team we will give you a place to work side by side effectively.

Who can apply?

Any employee of the Intecracy Group partner companies. We strive to boost the ideas of our in-house team members first. Not an Intecracy Group employee? Then consider becoming our team member

Ready to get started? Let's work together!