Softengi Training Center

Softengi Training Center (STC) educates people to become skilled IT-staff for your business. The STC team unites specialists from Softengi and other IT companies. We have implemented over 150 IT projects in the U.S and Europe.

Training center

350+ graduates

80% of practice

20 certified teachers

5 training programs


The International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) certifies software testing professionals. ISTQB is considered an indicator of a tester’s skills, organization, and specialist knowledge. Softengi Training Center prepares your testing staff for the ISTQB certification exam, and organizes it in our office or yours. We have 60+ certified specialists.

Business Consulting

We organize your planning system

Provide independent testing and build training system for your business

Estimate testing efforts

Educational directions

Software Testing Course

JavaScript Courses (Basic, Advanced, Front-End)

English for IT


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