Intecracy Group will show a self-engineered UAV at UMEX/MST exhibition in Abu Dhabi

Def C, a Ukrainian company that is a part of Intecracy Group consortium, will present its own developments at UMEX/MST 2018 international exhibition of unmanned systems and simulators in Abu Dhabi.

One of the main exhibits is Observer-S UAV multipurpose unmanned vehicle with a set of operational loads. Specially designed applications enabling to considerably enhance a UAV’s capabilities will be presented as well.

The UAV is a monoplane with a tractor propeller belonging to the class of tactical UAVs. Its design enables to accomplish required tasks even in complex environments (at temperatures below zero and big wind gusts), which most of the Asian competitors whose models are designed for operation in dry and hot desert conditions cannot promise.

Another advantage of Observer-S is the fact that it passed real operational testing in a battlefield zone: based on the operation results, designers implemented a number of know-how enabling to massively enhance survivability of the plane. In particular, thanks to a modular design, in case of damage of the machine in battlefield conditions, it may be repaired in short time by replacement of failed elements.

UMEX/MST 2018 international exhibition and conference of unmanned systems and simulators will take place in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center on February 25-27. A large number of experts, researchers and specialists dealing with unmanned systems are planning to take part in it. As a part of the exhibition, the company staff plans to hold several meetings and negotiations with representatives of more than 18 world leading countries.

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